Hot & Spicy Deals

# Menu Recipe
1 Pizza Chat Puries Cheese And Fusion Of Sauces
2 Sandwich Stuffing Green Pieas
3 Flambe Frankie Cottage Cheese, Sauces & Made With Live Flame
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Sweet Delicious Deals

# Menu Recipe
1 Maggi Pakoda Maggi, Differant Sauces And Deep Fried
2 Cheese Burst Vadapav Bursting Cheese
3 felis fringilla -
4 Donec eleifend -
5 ipsum congue -

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We are so much more than a Food cafe.

Our gourmet cafeteria serves an ever-changing selection of Fastfood, and custom sandwiches.Our bakery specializes in fresh baked hearth breads and wonderful cakes, tortes, and cupcakes.Our One Bite pizza and creative pizzas and crostini with an extensive list of Juices by the glass. Since 5 july 2017, Khaugalli Khane Ka Khazana has been serving up the freshest baked goods and modern comfort food in a cafeteria setting.Khaugalli Khane Ka Khazana has created a menu filled with signature items from our award-winning Catering Food and One Bite pizzas and Khaugalli Special Sandwitches.The menu is prepared simply with the freshest and best ingredients available.

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